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We offer a rapidly expanding selection of courses to help prepare you for the official examinations. These courses have been designed according to their respectively syllabus as set by the jurisdiction they fall under. Together with the best flight instructors and subject matter experts, we have created courses that take complicated topics and explain them in an easy to understand manner so that you not only know how to answer the questions correctly when writing an exam, but you retain the knowledge to make you a better and safer pilot.


Pass the EASA and SACAA written exams the first time. Our exams cover the NPL, PPL and CPL syllabi as well as supporting exams. There are thousands of practice questions, many with explanations in our database. We continuously update the database with new questions as well as improve the current questions based on feedback from students. The exams can be taken multiple times with different questions showing each time. This allows you to thoroughly test yourself before attempting the official exams, improving your knowledge, giving you increased confidence and saving you money.

The results are displayed in the browser on completion of an exam so that you can see how well you did. All the questions that you got wrong are displayed together with the correct answer and often with a detailed explanation of the question. This will help you understand the question and not just know what questions you got wrong, but also what the correct answer is and why that it is the correct answer.

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  • Thank you for the excellent mock papers. I have managed to pass all the subject thus far!
  • Just finished writing my last exam for my PPL. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for what you have to offer – it was extremely helpful.
  • I want to say thanks, you made it a lot easier to get ready for my PPL exams and I’m busy using it for my night rating.
  • The exams are so helpful!
  • Fantastic, passed first time with 93%. Look no further, this is the real deal!